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At some point in a child’s life, they fall in love with a monster. Usually, it’s small, hairy and either eats cookies on TV or cuddles with them as they go to sleep at night. Lately Putnam fuel in Goffstown, NH became fascinated with everything about monsters because they found 3 of them that are in every family’s home that aren’t so friendly or cuddly and they shared what they’re doing about it.

In an effort to raise awareness of home safety, energy efficiency and health – the team at Putnam Fuel has developed their new “Monsters in the Home” campaign. According to company President John Miles, “It’s never too early to watch out for the dangers in a home and by bringing these monsters to light – families in Southern, NH homes will find that there are more ways to raise their energy for family moments. Becoming aware of and then getting rid of these 3 monsters is an ideal place to start!” Putnam Fuel co-owner, Betty Martel offered this when asked what weapons they would use in their fight against monsters, “The answer is really twofold. First, we’ve created our Oil Save Score Energy Savings Audit that allows us to carefully inspect our client’s entire home for these monsters. Second, we’re going to work hard to raise awareness about these 3 monsters and the problems and risks they can pose for families in New Hampshire. You can’t fight a monster if you aren’t aware of its presence.”

The team at Putnam Fuel invites their community to watch out soon for more educational resources directed at reducing these safety, health and budget busting issues in the home. They’ve promised to provide ongoing insights and tips whether you’re a customer of theirs or not. Additionally, coming this October, Putnam is planning to host a community event centered around fun for families, moms and kids – all developed to raise awareness of these growing areas of concern. They’ve noted that they’ll be posting news of the event on the website at and also via area advertising and news efforts. Recently Putnam announced that a key part of their public awareness campaign includes Water Country Gift passes and Golf outing prizes to those who qualify and join in the fight.

If you have questions or would like to get in touch with Putnam Fuel to learn about this monster campaign, or the program they’ve built to fight it called “The Oil Save Score” program, please call Putnam Fuel at 603.497.4897.

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