At Putnam, we deliver more energy for family moments, which includes savings on your bill. Our services include oil delivery for home heating, heating and A/C Sales & Service and our one of a kind Oil Save Score™ Energy Savings System that may surprise you.

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Oil Save Score™ Energy Saving System
Learn about our home energy audit program now. Stop wasting money and keep your family safe!
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Peace of mind from a thermostat?
Anyone who has ever taken a vacation is familiar with the dreadful thought of returning home to a home that has been damaged due to a heating system failure. We’ve all had the question in the back of our heads “What if something goes wrong with the furnace and no one knows until it’s too late?” In the past you would address this concern by having a friend or neighbor check your home, while you’re away. This is an effective solution, but in most cases it’s a major inconvenience for you and the person you have entrusted to watch over your...
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