At Putnam, we deliver more energy for family moments, which includes savings on your bill. Our services include oil delivery for home heating, heating and A/C Sales Service and our one of a kind Oil Save Score™ Energy Savings System that may surprise you.

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Oil Save Score™ Energy Saving Audits
Learn about our home energy audit program now. Stop wasting money and keep your family safe!
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Cost-Saving Maintenance Tips to Know!
If you ever have a problem with your air conditioning, rest assured that you will have a Putnam Technician out to your home ASAP! But did you know that there are several time and cost saving maintenance tips that homeowners can do to help prevent common issues? Check out these facts and you might save a boat-load in time and money!
  • Air conditioning systems do more than just cool the air: they lower humidity, and also remove dust and dirt by moving the air through filters.  The easiest, and often most effective maintenance is...
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